Small Business is the New Choice Target

According to CNN money, cyber criminals are finding small business to be easy prey.

“Larger corporations have upped the ante against cybercrime recently, investing heavily in sophisticated security strategies.

That’s forced cybercriminals to look for other ways in.”Parija Kavilanz

A cyber criminal may infiltrate a larger company through a member of their supply chain.

Lying dormant, they wait for the company to be bought out or expose access to the larger network.

Many small companies discount the wealth of proprietary information, credit cards, and personal information they store about employees and their customers.

A poorly managed website can be the easiest target. Weak passwords are low hanging fruit for the savvy criminal.

A modern computer can crack an eight character password within hours.

Once they have administrative access they can plant malware that will steal data or download itself onto the computer of an unsuspecting customer.

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Outdated and poorly written code are another dream come true for the attacker.

Exploits in code will often become public and the product developer will fix the vulnerability.

A cyber criminal will take advantage of the fact that an estimated 70% of WordPress websites are not current on their software.

Once the criminal knows the version of software the site is running it is as simple as following a recipe.

Once Google discovers that your site has been compromised it will display a warning to all who search for you.


This scarlet letter remains on your digital front door until Google is convinced that the threat has been removed.

A good backup can often mitigate the damage and turn days or even weeks of downtime into mere hours.

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